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What sets Ocean West apart from other studios is our ability to connect workflow between all 3 main studios. We feature hi-definition connectivity for audio, video, and internet instantaneous transfer.

Serves as small meeting /conference room and a classroom during LCA seminars. Features adept lighting, video projection, DSLR camera and multi-camera technologies. 32-channel digital console under ipad control, Tannoy monitor speakers, and ultra bright hi-def projection

with either white screen or

greensccreen drops.



Tracking & Live Stream Room

Hosts a one of a kind wall of vintage but usable backline outboard gear, pedals and more. The latest Bogner boutique floor pedals  synthesizer boutique pedals share space with vintage Crybaby Wahwah and Morley MXL and line 6 pods from the 60s vintage and latest guitar sythesizers round out the experience.


 If youv’ve only seen the virtual plugin of certain types of outboard gear, here you'll get to ineract with the real thing.


Attached Control Room


Equipment Backline

With 4 video audio workstations and a voice over duplicating station. We can handle any and all projects. Our main video editing station features a custom built computer workstation with dual  hi-res monitors directly connected to the main studio's Tricaster. Our dupping station is capable of copying from dozens of different formats into any request format or digitally into a computer.


Editing Room


On-Site Staff


Regular Exhibits & Student Art


Featuring Historical & Vintage Items


Plus Photography Services

What sets Ocean West apart from all others is the world class video recording gear, augmented by a true hi-def  Tricaster base multi- camera production studio. Steve Stopper, as a television studio designer himself, has put in a full fledged production facility capable of quick order results.  A world-class drum set pre-tuned and pre-miced along with five separate re-amping rooms off-site make for the highest quality music videos setup, under a live performance setting.

Main hallway is dual purpose with quick hanging railing used as a staging area for the LCA program, but quickly morphs into a special presentation art space.


Entry gallery holds certificates for the board of directors, instructors, advisors, and associates.


OWS entry gallery hosts collages of local performers and dignitaries.

San Diego’s most well-rounded collection of upper level vintage and current guitars from Fender, Gibson, Grestch, Martin, Taylor, Richenbacker, Olympic and more famous names like Grace. Guitars and basses all hang above a distinguished collection of vintage and boutique amplifiers, many signed by their manufacturers. Just about every vintage Fender and Marshall amplifier is represented along with Orange, Vox, Diezel and more.

Sponsored by Bill Bersiach (School of Music) houses vintage mini Moog, Yahmaha DX7 sythesizers along with Leslie rotary speakers. Drums = Pearl Ledwig and Tahma custom snares share space with vintage Ziljian and Paiste, Sabian cybals, Gonebop cymbal trees and a myriad of hand percussion instruments are also available for backline use.  


For Lease In Recording Session

Studio A boasts San Diego's largest floating floor tracking and control room. It is an adept combination of 4 hi-definition cameras using Tricaster processing, and complex teleprompting systems. Includes several zones/combinations of lighting with electric dropping screens and 3-D HD projection. Rounding out the other capabilities are an internal floating ISO Booth, performer controlled headphone cue systems, rolling drum riser/baffle systems, 4 separate re-amping combinations, and a main area live performance speaker system.

Studio B is the most deterous environment at Ocean West, not only housing high level multi-track recording capabilities, plus all manner of electronic and acoustic instruments and video live broadcast capabilities, it also can operate in symmetry with Studios A and C. Large screen hi-defintion video projection

and art gallery. Serves as a

lounge and kitchen.

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